About Us

Geißler Rechtsanwälte provides skilled and professional advice in all legal matters in our main fields of activity. We think and act with an entrepreneurial mindset.

When advising clients, top priority is given to efficient, foresighted planning with a view to ensuring that economic, legal and financial effects are never left out of the equation. These elements are always the focal points of our advice since we obtain a complete picture of our clients’ issues.

Our areas of specialty enable us to concentrate on the key challenges of commercial law. We help you to craft, safeguard and enforce your interests and claims.

Geißler Rechtsanwälte draws on a global network, cooperating where necessary with qualified individuals in the legal profession, tax consultants and certified public accountants in Germany and abroad as well as with other external experts. This allows us to guarantee a high degree of expertise, experience and competence.

Our team creates an environment characterised by integrity, team spirit and a passion to work.